Restorative Dentistry

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Restoring Your Smile to Improve Oral Function

Our approach to restorative dentistry

At Lake Pointe Dental Group, we take a patient-centered approach to restorative dentistry. We prioritize each patient’s unique dental needs to create customized treatment plans that achieve their aesthetic and functional goals. We believe in empowering our patients to make informed decisions about their dental care rather than limiting recommendations based on what their insurance company will pay. From dental crowns to full mouth restorations, we collaborate with you throughout your dental journey to ensure you have a positive experience.

Dental Crowns

Strengthening weakened teeth

Dental crowns are a popular treatment for restoring deeply decayed, weakened, or damaged teeth. They improve the look of a patient’s smile while reinstating proper function. This is important so you can comfortably do everyday things like eating and speaking once your permanent crowns are in place. We make sure to color-match your new crown using the highest-quality materials for a perfect look and fit. Crowns work to prevent future damage to the tooth by covering it entirely, helping you to retain your natural tooth and avoid an extraction.

Dental Implants

Creating a strong foundation for your forever smile

Dental implants are a popular modern dental treatment for replacing one or more missing teeth. Implants offer the strongest foundation possible for your forever smile. They are permanent and will look and feel like natural teeth once your final restorations are in place. Patients who would like dental implants must have sufficient jawbone density to ensure the implants can integrate with the jawbone effectively. As implants are more involved than other restorative treatments, patients should be in good health overall as well. If you’re interested in replacing your missing teeth with implants, ask Dr. Maddox about the best path forward for your smile.

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Dental Bridges

Filling unwanted gaps so you can smile again

When you have missing teeth, it is important to replace them in some way. This is because the teeth next to the gaps can shift. As a result, you could end up with a misaligned bite. If you have lost a tooth or had a recent extraction, you can opt for a dental bridge to close the gap, which will also help keep those other teeth from shifting. A bridge is one or more prosthetic teeth fused to crowns on either side that are cemented over the adjacent teeth. Dental bridges ensure a patient can enjoy full function and a complete smile.

Full Mouth Restoration

Transform your smile and improve your oral health.

In a full mouth restoration, Dr. Maddox performs a selection of restorative dental treatments to transform a patient’s smile. The aim of a full mouth restoration is to improve oral health so the patient can live a healthier life. This type of extensive treatment may be necessary if you have multiple dental issues or complex needs. Dr. Maddox will outline all of the options available to you to help you restore your smile. Once you decide upon the course of treatment you would like to pursue, our team will develop a tailored treatment plan to get you smiling as soon as possible. Our patient-centered approach at Lake Pointe Dental Group means you will receive your restorative treatments in a comfortable, relaxing environment. We pride ourselves on providing care to the highest clinical standards, so you can be sure you’re in safe hands.

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Protect your teeth from clenching and grinding.

Many people clench or grind their teeth without even knowing they do it. However, this subconscious behavior can lead to serious damage to your teeth over time. At Lake Pointe Dental Group, we can provide you with a custom nightguard designed to protect your teeth from this harmful habit. We do this using digital impressions for an accurate model and snug fit. With regular use, your nightguard will protect your teeth from wear and tear, fractures, and chips.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Secure your new smile.

Implant-supported dentures offer excellent stability. Unlike traditional dentures, implant-supported dentures are held securely in place by snapping onto small titanium screws placed in the jawbone. This means your dentures will never slip around or need the help of adhesive like traditional dentures can. With this solid foundation, you won’t experience any rubbing, and once you get used to them, they will look and feel just like natural teeth.

Partial and Full Dentures

Complete your smile and boost confidence.

Having missing teeth can affect your confidence and self-esteem, making you feel hesitant to share your smile. It can also affect everyday living as it makes eating, chewing, and speaking problematic. Partial and full dentures are removable restorations that can solve these issues. Partials hold prosthetic teeth in place to fill all spaces and fit around any remaining healthy teeth. Full dentures, on the other hand, are for when all teeth are already missing or need to be extracted. Dr. Maddox will ensure that your bite is just right with your partial or full dentures in place to restore your oral function so you can get back to living a normal, healthy life.

Afford Your Care

At Lake Pointe Dental Group, we empower our patients to make their own informed decisions about dental treatments. They are not limited to choosing only options that their insurance will cover.

We accept cash, check, most major credit cards, and CareCredit for your convenience.

Ask us about our Smile Savings Plan!

If you’re interested in looking after your family’s oral health without dental insurance, ask our friendly team about our Smile Savings Plan. This is an affordable membership plan that can help you maintain regular preventive dental visits and save money on treatments.

Restoring your smile has never been easier!

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